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Open the Google Authenticator App on your mobile phone to recreate the account. Click " + " to scan the QR code or manually enter the 2FA 16- digit key displayed in the " Enable Google Authentication" page. When I first tried to open an account but the site was having problems I never finished 2FA. Then click « Enable Google Authentication» to enable Google Authentification for your Binance unch the Google Authenticator App on your mobile device and create an account.

I then went back to Binance a week later but didn' t realize that the key was different, was able to get registered than the one I printed out. ; Download Google Authenticator and install it on your mobile device. Jan 06, · This video shows you. Step 4: At this step you need to specify your Google Authenticator Key ( from the step 3) your current password for Binance Account 2- factor authorization code from Google Authenticator App.

How you can get access to your cryptocurrency exchange ( binance in this case) when you delete your Google authenticator maybe lost your device! ” on the Google Authentication page. If you have have lost your mobile phone, it is highly recommended to disable your Google Authenticator on your Binance Jersey account. The Google Authenticator Code is now restored.

How to set- up 2fa Two factor authentication with Google authenticator on Binance. Google Authenticator - Binance backup key ( self. Key: Google 2FA 16- digit Key is ‘ backup key’ as step 3; login password : login password which is used to login Binance Website; 2FA code : 6 digital number generated by your Google Authenticator App installed at your mobile phone.
Click “ + ” to scan the QR code or manually entry the 2FA backup key that you kept. Binance key google authenticator. Binance) submitted 1 year ago by M555G.
Otherwise, click ‘ confirm the application reset’. Binance key google authenticator.

If you still have your Google 2FA backup key, you can reset it quickly as explained in the link ‘ Visit tutorial’. If you have an IOS device go to the Appstore or if you are on a mobile device click here. Hi, Im currently using the google authenticator but when i set up the log in i forgot to take note of the binance secret key. Lost 2FA via Google Authenticator ( self.
Many thanks for any help. Is there a way to get the backup key from binance.

Binance) submitted 1 year ago. If you have an android phone go to the Google Play store or if you are on a mobile device click here.
After entering your email address password on the login page click “ Lost Your Google Authenticator?

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